Curly Scents x Zaharoff OF THE IMMORTALS EDP Spray 120ml (4.0 oz)

Curly Scents x Zaharoff OF THE IMMORTALS EDP Spray 120ml (4.0 oz)

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One of three #ZedCreators, Curly Scents x Zaharoff - OF THE IMMORTALS.  

OF THE IMMORTALS - a unisex offering, expands upon the exploration and fascination of Greek Mythology, now showcasing an ode to the 12 Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. A sweet nectar of divinity and forbidden temptation that confers immortality to any man or woman lucky enough to taste it. A celebration of the food and drink of Gods - also known as Ambrosia, which encompasses the mouth watering gourmand facets of Honey, Coffee, Coconut, Brandy, Praline, and Vanilla. Jasmine Absolute symbolizes the vast flora of Mount Olympus, while the prized fruit of Fig signifies sex and fertility. Finally, a woody backbone of Sandalwood and Oud characterizes a godly and eternal power. Care for a taste of immortality?

OF THE IMMORTALS by Curly Scents x Zaharoff

Concentration: 20% EDP, Perfumer: Gino Percontino - MANE, Classification: Ambery, Musky, Woody

Top Notes - Bergamot, Honey, Rum, Sea Salt, Coffee, Pure Brandy

Middle Notes - Cashmere Wood, Coconut, Jasmine Absolute, Fig, Praline, Tonka Bean

Bottom Notes - Musk, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Oud

About Andrea Charls, Content Creator of Curly Scents:

One of my earliest memories of fragrance comes from my uncle. Every time he would go for a night out or a date, the smell of his cologne would fill up the entire house. I was so fascinated and drawn to this particular scent, and after he left I would always sneak into his room just to smell it and try to figure out which bottle it was coming from. Many years later, I found out that the scent was Dior Fahrenheit - An extremely masculine and Avant-Garde scent that I still adore till this day. Growing up, I would always visit fragrance shops for fun and smell EVERYTHING. I also quickly realized that I had a knack for being able to guess what people were wearing when they walked past me on the street. Fast forward to today, and I own way too many bottles for my own good!

Creating my own Youtube channel was something I knew that I wanted to start for a while. Being a professional Singer and Musician, I absolutely love connecting with different audiences and sharing my music with others, and YouTube seemed like an amazing opportunity to share my fragrance passion with like-minded individuals from all around the globe. My partner, Anthony Tóth - who is 1 half of “Curly Scents” is also very much into fragrances, and we would constantly spend time smelling and discussing scents with each other. We both noticed that was a need for more female creators in this niche, and decided to dive in head first. We invested in some equipment and prepared for almost a year before our first video. 100+ videos and over 136K subscribers later, and here we are!

The focus of my channel is the balance between education and entertainment/humor. While I do occasionally use more technical terms, I also love to relate fragrance to a specific feeling, place, or everyday things in life. I try not to filter myself, and if it smells like nail polish to me, or like sitting in a cozy chair by a fireplace - I’ll say it. Basically anything that can help stimulate the viewers imagination by creating a unique feeling/experience for each fragrance.

OF THE IMMORTALS Ingredients (Curly Scents)



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