Zaharoff Signature AURUM
Zaharoff Signature AURUM
Zaharoff Signature AURUM

Zaharoff Signature AURUM

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Top Notes:
Honeycomb Absolute (So. of France)
Clove Bud (SE Asia)
Cinnamon Bark (Sri Lanka)

Heart Note, Mid-Notes:
Walnut (California, USA)
Creamy Coconut Milk
Almond (California, USA)
Fresh Hazelnut (Oregon, USA)

Bottom Note, Dry:
Vanilla Infusion
Tonka Bean (Brazil)
Amber Accord



Our very first gourmand! You know it had to be good. We went back in time, to one of the oldest desserts-BAKLAVA. Yes, that is correct, baklava!

The origins of baklava date back to ancient times. Around the eighth century B.C.E., people in the Assyrian Empire (which spread across parts of modern-day Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey) arranged unleavened flatbreads into layers, with chopped nuts in-between, to be enjoyed during special events. Centuries later, the Ancient Greek and Roman baklava was a dish consisting of many layers of dough, filled with cheese and honey, and flavored with bay leaves. However, the earliest versions of baklava as we know it today came around 500 years ago, during the Ottoman Empire. In fact, one of the oldest Baklava stores still exists and claims to be 130 years old!

We didn't want to make this gourmand too sweet and when Master Perfumer Claude Dir showed us the honeycomb absolute, we knew that it was exactly what we wanted. It is still incredibly rich and could even pass for an amber oil. Hence AURUM, meaning "gold" in Latin.

Honeycomb Absolute is captured from the natural wax found in fragrant French honeycombsThrough a CO2 extraction method, the wax is gently melted and strained, a ritual that eradicates any impurities, while ensuring the preservation of the purest, sweetest essence.

While baklava remains the inspiration for Signature Aurum, the honeycomb absolute provides the backbone for this masterpiece and shines throughout the life of the fragrance. From the very first spray, the wearer is embraced by the most photo-realisitic, raw, and sensual honey.