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Cuoium 50ml

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During the early 1900s, a young Vincenzo Parisi was sent away by his family from a swamped malaria-infested Puglia in search of better opportunities that were not present at the time in Italy’s poor rural southern provinces. Unlike many who chased the American dream, his journey began working as a cobbler in Genoa. It was then when he made his first and only pair of leather shoes. A pair that lasted until his final days. Thanks to maintenance procedures, the shoes kept changing and looked nothing like the pair when he first put them on. However, it’s soul remained intact.
Inspired by Vincenzo’s only pair of hand-crafted leather shoes and taking a step towards the future, Cuoium is a fragrance that shows love and respect to the legacy of leather. A vision of a modern world that kept in touch with its pagan traditions — treasuring origins and allowing for mystery to play a part in one’s life.
This fragrance is an homage to the courage and willpower to move on, to repair instead of replace, and to take care of heritage.