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Flora & Fauna

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While it's in vogue to lament the watering-down of classic fragrances due to turn towards modern aroma chemicals, it takes a special talent to recapture that past glory. Luckily for us, Manuel Cross is a maestro of the natural. Luxurious, velvety, and senual, Flora & Fauna is a masterpiece of all-natural perfumery, a big and bold chypre built on the classic combination of bright bergamot, resinous labdanum, and smooth oakmoss. But while the DNA of Flora & Fauna is undeniably classic, it's kept modern and sexy with a compelling dose of syrupy dried apricot and smooth, supple leather, and topped off with just a touch of animalic civet. All of this makes for a scent that's vintage but not stuffy, sophisticated but not intimidating, and deeply, ravishingly seductive. Lovers of grand, classic leather chypres, rejoice- your new obsession is here.

Flora & Fauna Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, labdanum, oakmoss, amber, dried apricot, civet, patchouli, soft leather