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A fragrance inspired by the scent of freshly sun-dried skin after a swim in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

 Guanabo defines the youngest public of our collection. It is the scent of summer. It's the feeling of vacation.

This fragrance transports us to live the moment and enjoy it without thinking about responsibilities or the future, it is the scent of an evening in front of the sea where opportunities for conquest not only do not escape, but knock on our door.

The perfume opens with notes of lemon and petitgrain rounded with italian bergamot. It starts from the first minute with a wave of joy that fills us with desire to start the day knowing in advance that everything will be fine.

As it starts to dry down is when danger emerges and magical things start to happen. It becomes a semi-salty perfume that smells like the fusion of two freshly sun-dried bodies after a swim in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Salty and sweet at the same time. Floral and pirate.

The body notes of the fragrance inspired by lily of the valley and natural jasmine, with a slight touch of leather and seaweed, generate a sense of security and relaxation all around, it becomes a spring of haunted seawater, spicy, sexy and floral. It is the scent of those who choose to live and enjoy the present, here and now.

The Ambroxan in the base makes it a vibrant and awake, mischievous fragrance that does not go unnoticed. It is the sexiest perfume in our collection.

Guanabo in the authentic language of the Taino Indians means: “small island in the middle of the sea”. On the coast of East Havana in Cuba, a beach bears the same name. We wanted to create this perfume thinking of the son of a great cacique, young, virile, unbridled, adventurous and heartbreaker.

TOP NOTES: Lemon, Bergamot, Petitgrain

MIDDLE NOTES: Lilies of the Valley, Rose, Jasmine, Passion Fruit

BASE NOTES: Marine Notes, Seaweed, Leather, Ambroxan