orris forest eau de parfum 50ml

Orris Forest Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Growing up, my grandmother lived south of Saint Louis close to the Meramec River. As a child, I loved hiking out in the woods behind her house down to a creek that was a tributary to that river. There were fun hills to climb, and the smell was so fresh, green and vibrant.

As I was composing Tempo Rubato and contemplating the multifaceted scent of orris butter, especially the watery green nuances. It suddenly made me think of those hikes. So I composed this with those memories at the top of mind to create a nouveau fougère of sorts.

The result is a fresh spring day with blooming flowers, shimmering green notes with dew drops, the wet rocks of a creek and spicy, mossy undergrowth.

Notes: cassie absolute, violet leaf, orris butter, fig leaf, piñon pine, juniper tree, Bulgarian lavender, coriander, oakmoss, coumarin, dark-aged patchouli and Indian black pepper.