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This Fragrance convey my emotions from the painting also titled  Ris Tanama.

A perfume that fuses the magic of Cambodian oud with the acidity of tender cherry; the scent of a princess who has escaped her abductors and flies like a butterfly back to freedom.

TOP NOTES: Lime, Cherry, Orange Blossom, Jasmine,

MIDDLE NOTES: Cambodian Oud, Sandalwood, Rose, Rosewood



BASE NOTES: Musk, Vanila, Castoreum, Amber

How to create a fresh oud fragrance, delicate and robust at the same time and flying in the wind with joy and success towards free will?

The butterfly begins its flight with notes of tender cherry acidified with an exceptional natural lime, orange blossom and decorated with traces of Jasmine. From the first flutters one senses the presence of a 5-year aged cambodia oud which, however, does not add unnecessary weight to the symphony itself, but simply adds depth and robustness.

The body notes of the composition are a good delight for lovers of sandalwood and oud wood itself, which combine nicely with rosewood and rose to bring seduction to the fragrance.

Lots of musk, of excellent quality with amber and vanilla push the rest of the blend and help to keep all the time alive and vigorous the piece itself.

The composition is perceived as acidic, woody, dusty, like an old book that someone has left on an old wooden table, with a dried marker rose and cherries on the surface; or perhaps like a shy girl that one day you meet in a random place, the least expected, and you manage to recognize that she is the princess of the kingdom who has escaped to freedom. And you keep her secret.