santal auster extrait de parfum 50ml

Santal Auster Extrait de Parfum 50ml

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Santal Auster melds the ancient cultural traditions and rituals that incorporate the most sought-after of woods: Mysore sandalwood. The sandalwood accord used in Santal Auster is rich and creamy with powdery notes that are evocative of this freshly cut wood with that signature sandalwood essential oil distilled from sustainably harvested sandalwood. 

Supporting this sandalwood accord are precious ceremonial oils from the Far East, the types of oils that would be used to anoint royalty. The rich, leathery notes of oud mix together with the rich, refined incense notes of opoponax and styrax and the subtly earthy and animalic undertones of dark-aged patchouli and castoreum. 

Notes: Sandalwood, oud, opoponax, styrax, dark-aged patchouli and castoreum