Zaharoff Signature BLOOM 60 Ml / 2.0 Oz
Zaharoff Signature BLOOM 60 Ml / 2.0 Oz

Zaharoff Signature BLOOM 60 Ml / 2.0 Oz

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Zaharoff Signature BLOOM 60 ml / 2.0 oz

We combined four types of jasmine oils, each offering a distinct olfactory journey, and blended it with a base of incense oils. This is BLOOM  a feminine sweetness with a masculine wildness.

White jasmine, with its sweet and floral notes. Unlike others in the family, it has a slight animalic edge that gives a musk experience.

Arabian jasmine used in alternative medicine for its healing and soothing properties, gives a fruitier, almost vanilla experience. Considered the most fragrant jasmine.

Egyptian jasmine lends a timeless elegance to the blend, with its sophisticated floral bouquet and subtle hints of earthiness, evoking visions of ancient gardens steeped in history and tradition. Together, these four jasmine oils create a harmonious fusion of scents, inviting the wearer on a captivating olfactory voyage through the lush gardens of the imagination.

Star jasmine stands out from the other types. While it shares the classic jasmine features of a five-point flower, it belongs to the "dogbane" family, unlike white, Arabian, and Egyptian jasmine, which are part of the olive family. Star jasmine has a distinct appearance resembling a "pinwheel" and takes center stage on the front of the BLOOM box. Unlike other jasmines, it has a sweeter scent and lacks the typical indolic or animalic notes.

"Zaharoff Signature BLOOM, a jasmine incense, opening with the heady embrace of jasmine, its intoxicating aroma filling the air like a floral symphony. Each spray carries with it the essence of a thousand whispered secrets, a thousand forgotten dreams, as if the very soul of the collective world itself were captured within its petals.

As the scent unfolds, it reveals a heart of sacred resins - myrrh and frankincense mingling with the warm embrace of oud, their smoky tendrils weaving a tapestry of ancient wisdom and divine mystery. It is as if the fragrance itself is a portal to another world, a gateway to the realms of the gods.

For within its depths lies the promise of renewal, of new beginnings and endless possibilities. For in the heart of BLOOM, where jasmine and resin intertwine, lies the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe - a fragrance so powerful, so intoxicating, that it has the power to change the course of destiny itself."