zaharoff signature royale x parfum extrait

Zaharoff Signature ROYALE X Parfum Extrait

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Zaharoff Signature ROYALE X PARFUM EXTRAIT Spray  (2.0 oz)
There is something primal and alluring about animalic notes and X delivers  if you love musk, you will love ROYALE X!
Two years in the making that almost didn't happen. Why? The inspiration behind it was too scandalous and it kept dancing in my head begging me to bring to life!
Concentrated to the maximum allowed by law, 27% Parfum Extrait!
If I can gush a little bit about my “child”. This turned out so beautiful, the fragrance is clean yet “dirty”, virgin vs promiscuous, doing it solo or having a helping hand. Yes, the sexuality and dualities of a man.
Even the bottle shows this, the “X” of being rejected only for the “XXX” to appear from the facets. I was told the “inspiration” was too scandalous, yet here it is. You can’t repress manifesting, because creation comes from sexual energy, no?
Ladies….wait until you smell this on your man. And wait, oh wait, until you smell this on yourself!
                                                               - George Zaharoff
ROYALE X is an olfactory experience celebrating a man's sexuality. Imagine taking a shower and then having some fun....alone or with someone else. What comes out of that is ROYALE X! And now you know why it's such a scandal! But it's so INCREDIBLE!
This will not be a permanent part of the Signature Collection!
PERFUMER: Master Perfumer Claude Dir

Top Notes:
Citrus Blend
Cardamom (Guatemala)
Heart Note, Mid-Notes:
Himalayan Juniper (Nepal)
Pimento Berry
Cedarleaf (Virginia, USA)
Bottom Note, Dry:
Sandalwood (Australia)
Gold Patchouli (Indonesia)
Oud (China)
Leather (Vetiver, Rockrose, Benzoin Resin)                                                                        Musk